Panasonic PT-JW130GBE 1000 Lumens WXGA Lighting DLP Laser Projector Black (Wireless/SD Card Playbak)

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Key Features
• 0.76 - 5.08 m (30 - 200 inches) Screen size

• 1,000 ANSI Lumen, WXGA comparable resolution

• 1,000:1 Contrast ratio, Up to 20,000 hrs Light-source life

• Video In: HDMI, SD card. Audio Out: M3 stereo mini jack

• Built-in 2.2x power zoom Lens, Wireless & Wired network

• Support scheduling playback, wireless projection, Keystone correction (±40° V & H), Miracast and more

Panasonic PT-JW130G WXGA 1000 Lumens Space Player

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What's A Space Player?
Space Player provides a hybrid illumination and image-projection solution to enhance displayed objects or create vivid signage in variety of locations and applications. The ability to combine customized spotlighting and ambient illumination, still images, and moving pictures grabs attention in retail environments, while harnessing brightness and resolution to deliver text-and-image information clearly in exhibition spaces. With freedom to project a variety of media, and in-browser control for networked units, it’s never been easier to transform your display.

Suggested Application: Cafes and Restaurants
Turn a meal into a memorable dining experience. Space Player takes presentation and atmosphere to the next level, be it with menu projection onto walls or tables, accentuating the color of food or decor, audio-video entertainment and information, or setting moods with shifting ambient light.

Cafes and Restaurants

Suggested Application: Museums
Breathe new life into exhibits: use the Space Player to project textual or graphic information about items on display while showing the exhibit in its best light, all from a single unit. The ability to combine different multi-spotlighting templates with moving or still image backgrounds not only presents exhibits in a more appealing way, but also adds to the audience’s depth of understanding.


Suggested Application: Retail Environments
Turn heads with attention-grabbing effects for product presentations on shop floors and in window displays. Showcase the latest items against a backdrop that changes with your inventory. Turn a product display into a multi-media exhibit that informs while boosting buyer motivation. As stock changes, so too can your POS displays: just create new media files and load them onto SD card. Make adjustments to playlists, schedules, and display configurations using your PC, and fine tune with the supplied remote controller.

Retail Environments

Integrated Projector & Lighting Function
Projection lighting presents and displays with creativity and originality. As well as spotlighting objects brightly, the PT-JW130 Series can project video or still images very clearly on or around the subject. This combination of illumination and projection is an effective way to attract attention in retail spaces, restaurants, and more.

Attractively illuminate food and project images of ingredients, menu information, or scenery in restaurants
Illuminate artwork and exhibits; project associated information in galleries or museums
Present products in natural-looking light and display product information and other promotional media
Compact spotlight-type design harmonizes with most interior designs
Flexible Installation and Portability

Simple cable duct box for easy installation, removal, and relocation
Flexible and portable lighting design irradiates all directions below horizon (also compatible with Portrait Mode)
Wide range of selectable video inputs including SD card, HDMI, wired and wireless LAN
Lighting Mode for use as spotlight (operation with wireless remote controller)

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